Fake it ’til you make it!

Alright, the first step is admitting it right? Our children aren’t ACTUALLY royalty.

There I said it.

giphy (1)

You’re little prince isn’t really a prince, and as charming and adorable as she may be, your princess isn’t a real princess either (but don’t tell her that!).

Just because this is the harsh reality it doesn’t mean they can’t be dressed like heirs to the thrown! Let’s take a look at the handsome little Prince George

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He has definitely won over the hearts of many in his stylish smocked outfits and why wouldn’t he? Its such a timeless look. Our favorite thing about children in smock is that the outfits can be passed down from generation to generation! Take a look at this side by side of sweet Prince George and his father in similar outfits


Although those aren’t the same outfits it does enforce the fact that if saved these outfits are timeless! Imagine how sweet it will be when you see your grandchildren in something you purchased for your own child years before!

Here are some hand smocked boys outfits we recommend to get your boy looking like royalty!




This Hand Smocked Beige Geometric Boy’s Overall screams royalty. It’s simple and elegant, making it the perfect outfit for any occasion, and any generation. Pair it with a shirt underneath for colder days or leave it as is for the summer months.






Prince George is a perfect symbol for Cambridge but let your little guy stand tall and proud in our Hand Smocked American Flag Overall. This boys overall would be perfect for Memorial Day, Independence Day, President’s day, and all summer long!





If you are digging Prince George’s nautical look head over to This and That for Kids where are newest collection is full of Hand Smocked Boys summer styles. The particular overall is our Hand Smocked Nautical Boy’s Overall which features a sailboat just like the prince! The blue gingham fabric and nautical details are sure to look cute anywhere you go!



We hope you guys have enjoyed this post and found some inspiration on dressing your little guy like the Prince you truly believe he is!


This and That for Kids!

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