Easter Blessings & Ideas

We cannot thank you guys enough for all the support over the last month or so and are so happy you have all loved our Easter collection. We wanted to make sure everyone was covered for Easter no matter how much you may have put it off so we hosted sales to the very last minute! Happy to say, all orders made it on time! Here are some adorable pics that have already started coming in, we hope that you will send us pictures of your kids in their This and That for Kids Easter outfits!

(click to enlarge)

There is nothing better than Easter with little ones around! The excitement in the morning to open their Easter baskets, the joy that comes from Easter egg hunts and, we may be biased but, seeing all the little ones in their adorable easter outfits definitely tops the list!

We love getting together with family and friends every easter and watching the kids play and have a good time. The kids, of course, are just counting down the minutes until the Easter egg hunt! Below are some great ideas we have found for a successful egg hunt this year!

This first tip is great if you don’t have too many kids participating, as well as when you have kids of different ages. The older kids tend to be better and quicker at finding eggs which can sometimes be unfair to the younger kids. To avoid this from happening, assign a specific color to each child and they can only collect eggs of their color! With this tip you can also tailor what’s inside the eggs for the child that will be collecting it!

Another fun thing to do is put a number inside an egg, the number will then correspond to a special prize AKA a toy or candy that didn’t fit inside the egg.

If you want to challenge and engage the kids a little more you can turn the Easter egg hunt into a scavenger hunt! Still sprinkle eggs around the yard but also provide a list with different things for them to find throughout their egg hunt. Examples would be to find a flower, a specific color egg, a pinecone, etc. You can award a special prize to the first kid to complete the scavenger hunt!

If you really want to switch things up, host a glow in the dark hunt! Fill the eggs with glow sticks and hide them around the yard, when it gets dark enough the eggs will stand out and the kids will have a blast!

And finally, something we did as a family when some of the kids got older was have them hide the eggs for the younger kids! This is a fun way to keep everyone involved in the tradition!

One more thing to do this Easter, make sure to snap a picture and send them to customercare@thisandthatforkids.com or post the to our facebook page or tag us on instagram! Can’t wait to see them and we hope you have a happy and bless Easter Sunday!


This and That for Kids!

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