Anchor Yourself to Something Cute!

With Spring and Summer approaching very quickly, our new items are flying off the racks! Our Spring/Summer collection is jam packed with everything you need to have your little ones looking their best.  This and That for Kids is very excited to announce that our very popular Applique Anchor collection is back!  Our customers could hardly wait to get their hands on these last year so we just knew we had to bring them back.  Our beautiful Applique Anchor collection is available in four different styles; a beautiful girl’s short set, the most adorable girl’s bubble, a simple yet very cute boy’s overall and boy’s bubble.  Our four styles are all very different that could be mixed and matched with brothers, sisters, cousins and friends.


Stay tuned with This and That for Kids because our applique outfits are everybody’s favorite.  You will be thrilled to know that we have many more applique outfits coming very soon such as fish, octopus, sports, jellyfish and many more!!  Look out for those and don’t forget to get your hands on our new styles!

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