We are excited to introduce our BRAND NEW Mobile App!

We are so excited to finally be releasing an app for both iPhone and Android! We have tons of features to share with you guys so we created this blog post to help you navigate through our amazing app!

shopscreen    facebook

  A majority of our orders come from mobile phones, through our app you can easily shop all the styles available on our website! Not only can you easily shop our site but you can quickly check on the status of your order right from the home page. Do you order from Facebook? Well there is an easy access tab that will direct you straight to our Facebook page as well! Our app makes shopping easy and convenient with the simple click of a button!

tell-a-friend     tellafriend2

Another great feature on our app is the  “Tell a Friend” feature found on the home page. You can easily tell your friends about the great deals you find on This and That by email, text message, or even through Facebook or twitter!


Since we LOVE receiving fan photos let me introduce you to one of our favorite features! The “Share a Photo” tab, found under the “More” button, makes it easier than ever to instantly send us a photo! Forget uploading a photo to your computer and then sending it via email, with our app just directly upload the photo and we receive it right in our inbox! We also have a gallery tab with constantly changing photos so send us your photo for a chance to be featured!

When you click the “More” button you will find a lot of other features on our incredible app!


Let’s go tab by tab. We already spoke about the “Share a Photo” so let’s move on to the “Fan Wall”. The fan wall works very similar to the way a Facebook wall works. You can upload photos and leave comments or reviews  for the rest of the app users to see! Through our app you also get a live feed of our Twitter, Instagram, and blog! If you click on the “deals” tab you will see any current promotions we have so you can save some money before you order! Next we have our info tab in which you will find our size chart, FAQs, Monogram FAQs and store policies. You can easily find the answers to lots of your questions with the click of a button! Another thing you can easily do through our app is Join our Mailing list so that you don’t miss out on any special sales! And lastly, you can easily call or e-mail us if you have any questions or concerns! We’d love to hear your feedback about how we can improve any of our features so feel free to leave comments below!

If you have an iPhone click here to download our app !

If you have an Android click here to download our app!

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