DIY Minnie Mouse play car!

We recently posted a photo on our Facebook page and got an overwhelming request to do a blog post on exactly how to make it. This DIY Minnie Mouse car is an adorable way to make your child’s car unique and adorable!

** Original idea seen on The Hunted Interior through pinterest. The photo of the finished product is from her post (although the post doesn’t have instructions on how to make it), feel free to click the link to be redirected and see her adorable Minnie Mouse party. Enjoy!


Let’s begin with the car. It seems that the newer editions now have eyes, you can still use that model or feel free to search the internet for a bargain find. The car is made by Little Tikes and is called the “Cozy Coupe.”

I apologize ahead of time for not having photos of each step, unfortunately all my kids are grown up and can’t fit into this adorable Minnie Mobile.

Step 1: Take Apart

The car must be taken apart if it is already assembled, but if you buy it new it doesn’t come built so you can just follow all the steps before putting the car together.

Step 2: Spray paint


Spray all of the yellow pieces black. I would suggest using one that is specifically for outdoors (Rustoleum paint is great!), make sure it’s weather proof and seal all the paint with sealant when you are done. Also make sure it has the finish you are looking for, whether you want it shiny or matte is up to you! Do the first coat, let it dry and then do a second coat. The bottom of this car is already red but as you can see it has stickers which you probably would like to cover plus, you want the top and bottom piece to have the same finish so repeat the painting process on the red pieces. Since the base of this is already red you could probably get away with using only one coat.


Step 3: Spots!

The polka dots can be done in three different ways. You can use a cutter to cut white circles out of vinyl or you can create your own stencils and create the polka dots with paint, another alternative is to buy or make a circle stamp and add the polka dots with paint as well. I prefer using paint because it will be more long lasting and you can skip the step of having to glue the dots onto the car. Sawdust and Embryos has a great tutorial for making your own stencils, click here to check it out!

Step 4: Time to make the ears!

This is probably the hardest part of this project and you will need to find someone who can cut plywood for you. 1/2″ thick plywood is perfect and you can either cut the bow and ears separately or as one piece and then paint them to differentiate. Use some heavy duty glue to attach the ears, make sure you check that it is good for the materials you are using.

Step 5: Put it together!

Now that everything is done you can reassemble the car and let your little one ride around in style! This is perfect for birthday parties, photo or just a fun weekend project that your daughter can appreciate!

Megan Kunkel offers a package with the polka dots, a name, and the ears! Not sure if it is still available but you can click here to be redirected and get more information.

To make this for a boy, use the same colors for the base spray pain but skip the polka dots and instead add just two ovals to the from of the car, like on mickeys pants and then add ears without the bow! I love projects that can be adapted for boys and girls! Hope this helped some of you out. If you want more detailed photos and descriptions there are many tutorials throughout the web, hope you guys enjoyed this and if you try it out send us a photo! !

2 thoughts on “DIY Minnie Mouse play car!

    • Dunia Debk says:

      I’m sorry but I do not have the template. There is a link in the article for someone who used to offer them, check with her to see if she still does.

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