Kid appropriate swimwear for 2017

I have seen some teeny weeny itsy bitsy KIDS swimwear. Swimwear that should NOT be put on a child. Luckily we are here to help you avoid putting a tiny bikini on your 4 year old. Kids need to be kids, and that includes what they wear to the beach.This and That for Kids has adorable swim styles for girls and boys. Keep reading for some of our favorite beach and pool styles for your  little one.

We are going to start with a two-piece style. Just because a teeny bikini isn’t appropriate it doesn’t rule out ALL two-piece swim. This and That for Kids has several full-coverage two-piece swim suits for girls that are cute and parent approved. The top piece ties at the neck and back and has a full coverage rectangular piece in the front with ruffles along the top and bottom. The seersucker fabric makes these swimsuits comfortable and classic. These swim suits all have the option to be monogrammed which adds a personal touch to complete the look.

If the idea of a two-piece swimsuit still makes you uncomfortable, keep reading. We have one piece styles available as well! Our one-piece swimsuits for girls have different applique options and can be monogrammed as well. This is also a great option if you have girls and boys because many of these applique styles have matching swim trunks for boys which can also be monogrammed. Take a look below to see some of the great styles of one-piece swimwear that This and That for Kids has to offer.

As mentioned we do have adorable boys swim trunks as well which go great on their own or as a matching style for the above girls swim suits. The boys swim trunks can also be monogrammed for that extra personal touch. The classic look of the seersucker is timeless and sure to be a hit.

For a little more coverage and protection This and That for Kids also has rash guard swimwear and terry cloth cover up tops! The rash guard styles are absolutely adorable and have ruffles on the bottom piece. Our terry cloth cover up tops also have ruffles that coordinate perfectly with the other swim wear options we offer. Below you will find some of those great styles.


With so many options available at This and That for Kids we definitely will have you covered all summer long! These are just a few of the kids swimwear styles you will find when you visit This and That for Kids, but make sure to click here to see the full collection of Kids Swimsuits.

And don’t forget… This and That for Kids has everything in stock and ready to ship!


This and That for Kids

Holiday outfits for Kids by This and That

The holidays are approaching and the temperature is dropping, it’s time to start switching out your child’s wardrobe! Luckily for you This and That for Kids has an amazing collection of holiday wear for kids. We have the perfect outfits for those not so hot, not so cold days as well as the perfect items for when it is cold and you want to bundle up. Let’s not waste any more time and jump right into our favorite looks!

Holiday Knit Applique Outfits for Kids

This and That for Kids Applique Holiday Collection 2016

The year we have a wonderful line of holiday applique designs for girls and boys. Our long sleeve knit boys shirts have been a number one seller, with 3 christmas and 2 fall styles there is definitely something for everyone! Adding a custom monogram really gives the tee a personal touch, and doesn’t delay your shipping! Items will still ship out within 2-3 days even if monogrammed, how great is that? No one likes waiting 2-3 WEEKS to receive anything! The shirts pair perfectly with any denim, khakis or even sweats for those chilly days. These comfy knit shirts have amazing quality that cannot be denied once you feel it for yourself. Below are our 3 christmas style applique shirts.


Don’t think we forgot about our girls! Each of these tops has a matching dress which can be worn with coordinating leggings depending on the weather and they look absolutely adorable both ways. You can’t forget to add a matching bow because, seriously, what outfit is complete without a bow?! Take a look at the adorable holiday dresses for girls below

Girls Holiday Dress and Legging Set

Holiday Dress for Girls by This and That for Kids

As promised, we also have a style that is PERFECT for when it is truly cold outside, this year we came our with a line of tracksuits, and boy do we love them! They are made with a minky fabric which is pretty much a blanket, I don’t know about you but a wearable blanket?! SIGN ME UP!  One of our favorite details on these track suits is the fact that the zipper is the same color as the outfit and is very discreet when zipped. They also feature a hoodie which is just oh so cute! Check out the tracksuits for girls below.

We hope you LOVE the items in the post but don’t forget this is just a few of the items in our 2016 Holiday Collection! To view the full line click here.

Remember that we ship all orders in 1-2 business days, allow an additional day for monogram items. Feel free to contact us about anything you may need, we are always happy and eager to help!

Have a great day, thanks for reading!


This and That for Kids



Summer must-have styles!

Summer styles can get SO overwhelming because let’s face it.. they are all amazing! Summer is my favorite season so I might be a little biased but I can’t get enough of the vibrant colors and breezy fabrics. As well as the lighter palettes of white and neutral tones that have a fresh feel. In trying to make things easier for you we decided to collect our must have summer styles from This and That for Kids!


Let’s start with an obvious…BATHING SUITS! A little girl in a two piece bathing suit is so stinkin’ cute! Whats not so cute is when the top starts moving around a gets a little too revealing, as well as uncomfortable! This and That for Kids bathings suits feature a lengthy top with smocked details and a ruffle for extra coverage. The top is fully adjustable as it ties both at the neck and around the back.


This and That for Kids hand smocked pink whale two-piece girls bathing suit


This and That for Kids hand smocked blue crab two-piece girls bathing suit

And of course we have the little men covered as well! With matching boys swim trunks also available at This and That for Kids get ready for the best and cutest summer ever! They are comfortable and cute for any beach or pool day. The fabric content is 45% polyester, 55% cotton. They drawstring allows for a comfortable and secure fit.


BeMine Hand Smocked Crab Boy’s Swim Trunks


Be Mine Hand Smocked Whale Boy’s Swim Trunks

Next up we have one of our newest additions, our Hand Smocked watermelon styles! Our favorite thing about this style is the combination of the red and pink in the fabric with the touch of white to break it up. Being that it is summer, the angel sleeves with pink ric-rac are a nice touch as it will keep your daughter cool on hot summer days. We recommend a red bow with this outfit but a pink or even green bow will also be a great finishing touch.





Now let’s take it down to those neutral tones I mentioned earlier. Our Hand Smocked Sea Shell Collection features a light blue fabric with white sea shells. This particular style comes in so many styles that there are options for kids of any age, making it the perfect outfit for a family photo! These styles are all comfortable for the hot summer days because of the design of the sleeves on the girl styles and the lack there of on the boy styles! The fabric is a lightweight pique fabric to ensure breathability.



This and That for Kids Hand Smocked Sea Shells Boy’s Light Blue Overall


This and That for Kids Hand Smocked Sea Shells Girl’s Light Blue Bubble


This and That for Kids Hand Smocked Sea Shells Boy’s Light Blue Bubble


This and That for Kids Hand Smocked Sea Shells Girl’s Light Blue Bubble

And lastly we will take the colors back up a notch with one of our favorite newest additions! Our octopus and friends… the name alone shows just how playful and fun the hand smocked detailing on this style is! The girls outfits are made from a turquoise blue polka dot fabric with angel sleeves and pink trim while the boys overall has a micro check fabric in the same turquoise as the girls. All the sea animals featured are different colors on both the girl and boy variations! And we think the girl styles look adorable with a pink hair bow! The boy overall has the option for a white peter pan collar shirt which makes it great for transitioning from a hot summer day to a cool summer night!









We hope this post has made choosing summer outfits a little easier on you! Comment below and let us know what your favorite summer styles are!



This and That for Kids!

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Fake it ’til you make it!

Alright, the first step is admitting it right? Our children aren’t ACTUALLY royalty.

There I said it.

giphy (1)

You’re little prince isn’t really a prince, and as charming and adorable as she may be, your princess isn’t a real princess either (but don’t tell her that!).

Just because this is the harsh reality it doesn’t mean they can’t be dressed like heirs to the thrown! Let’s take a look at the handsome little Prince George

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He has definitely won over the hearts of many in his stylish smocked outfits and why wouldn’t he? Its such a timeless look. Our favorite thing about children in smock is that the outfits can be passed down from generation to generation! Take a look at this side by side of sweet Prince George and his father in similar outfits


Although those aren’t the same outfits it does enforce the fact that if saved these outfits are timeless! Imagine how sweet it will be when you see your grandchildren in something you purchased for your own child years before!

Here are some hand smocked boys outfits we recommend to get your boy looking like royalty!




This Hand Smocked Beige Geometric Boy’s Overall screams royalty. It’s simple and elegant, making it the perfect outfit for any occasion, and any generation. Pair it with a shirt underneath for colder days or leave it as is for the summer months.






Prince George is a perfect symbol for Cambridge but let your little guy stand tall and proud in our Hand Smocked American Flag Overall. This boys overall would be perfect for Memorial Day, Independence Day, President’s day, and all summer long!





If you are digging Prince George’s nautical look head over to This and That for Kids where are newest collection is full of Hand Smocked Boys summer styles. The particular overall is our Hand Smocked Nautical Boy’s Overall which features a sailboat just like the prince! The blue gingham fabric and nautical details are sure to look cute anywhere you go!



We hope you guys have enjoyed this post and found some inspiration on dressing your little guy like the Prince you truly believe he is!


This and That for Kids!

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Paint the rainbow in This and That for Kids!

Summer is coming… well in our minds it is already here! And nothing better for summer style than color! So today we decided to round up a This and That for Kids rainbow for you and showcase some great pieces in every color!



Above you can see a variety of different style to suit your every need! All part of our latest collection and so comfortable! The red stripes capri leggings, perfect for so many occasions and has a swing top that can be monogrammed to make it even more special.   (the matching red hairbow is a must!).  The fabric content on that piece as well as the other two comfy knits pictured is 100% cotton. Also picture is our turquoise crab applique styles, can we just say … OBSESSED! We love the combination of the red polka dot fabric with the vibrant turquoise crab. We love the angel sleeve detailing and turquoise ric-rac to tie everything together. Adding a monogram and bow really tops this look off as well. The items above also have matching outfits for siblings, which we adore!


OK, OK… so we don’t have much orange but what we do have is so cute! We love that our striped knits have just a touch of orange, I mean do you see those ruffles?! And we love how affordable and wearable the orange boys overall is. If you guys would like to see more orange items added to our site comment below and let us know!


Yellow like the summer sunshine! Yellow is the color of happiness and This and That for Kids girls are ALWAYS happy. These comfy knits are great for summer because they are light and airy, and 100% cotton which means they are super soft! We are currently loving our Tunic and legging sets because you can mix and match them with pieces already in your closet! They can become staple pieces in your childs wardrobe.


Just as cheerful a color as yellow, green always makes us happy. Tired of seeing our comfy knits yet? We aren’t ! Picture them on the weekends at a birthday party, or at the beach, or at a friends house, or a day at the mall, or ANYTHING! And can we please give the dump truck overall some love?! Because we absolutely love the boys will be boys nature of this overall as well as the other constructions overalls available at This and That for Kids. Aside from the adorable apple green tones, we have a sweet mint geometric bishop that would be a great church dress or perfect for other holidays as well. Make sure to head over to This and That for Kids to see the full spectrum of green tones available.


Boy was it tough to pick just a few of our favorite blue styles! So many to choose from so make sure to head to our site and see the full collection. What we are really loving right now is the nautical style, there is just something about the combo of the navy and red that has us drawn to it. We are also loving the boys flag overall because with memorial day and fourth of July coming up we think it is a great way to commemorate our wonderful country. If you want to take it a step lighter our light blue seashell style is what you’re looking for, we have two girl styles and two boy styles available for you to choose from.

If this array of colors wasn’t enough for you, don’t forget we have hair bows in EVERY color!


Hope you enjoyed this summer inspiration! Talk to you guys next week, make sure to comment below and share with your friends on facebook!



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Easter Blessings & Ideas

We cannot thank you guys enough for all the support over the last month or so and are so happy you have all loved our Easter collection. We wanted to make sure everyone was covered for Easter no matter how much you may have put it off so we hosted sales to the very last minute! Happy to say, all orders made it on time! Here are some adorable pics that have already started coming in, we hope that you will send us pictures of your kids in their This and That for Kids Easter outfits!

(click to enlarge)

There is nothing better than Easter with little ones around! The excitement in the morning to open their Easter baskets, the joy that comes from Easter egg hunts and, we may be biased but, seeing all the little ones in their adorable easter outfits definitely tops the list!

We love getting together with family and friends every easter and watching the kids play and have a good time. The kids, of course, are just counting down the minutes until the Easter egg hunt! Below are some great ideas we have found for a successful egg hunt this year!

This first tip is great if you don’t have too many kids participating, as well as when you have kids of different ages. The older kids tend to be better and quicker at finding eggs which can sometimes be unfair to the younger kids. To avoid this from happening, assign a specific color to each child and they can only collect eggs of their color! With this tip you can also tailor what’s inside the eggs for the child that will be collecting it!

Another fun thing to do is put a number inside an egg, the number will then correspond to a special prize AKA a toy or candy that didn’t fit inside the egg.

If you want to challenge and engage the kids a little more you can turn the Easter egg hunt into a scavenger hunt! Still sprinkle eggs around the yard but also provide a list with different things for them to find throughout their egg hunt. Examples would be to find a flower, a specific color egg, a pinecone, etc. You can award a special prize to the first kid to complete the scavenger hunt!

If you really want to switch things up, host a glow in the dark hunt! Fill the eggs with glow sticks and hide them around the yard, when it gets dark enough the eggs will stand out and the kids will have a blast!

And finally, something we did as a family when some of the kids got older was have them hide the eggs for the younger kids! This is a fun way to keep everyone involved in the tradition!

One more thing to do this Easter, make sure to snap a picture and send them to or post the to our facebook page or tag us on instagram! Can’t wait to see them and we hope you have a happy and bless Easter Sunday!


This and That for Kids!

All new knits!


We are SO excited to be able to provide all of our customers with a wide variety of new knits so that your child can be outfitted in TT4K any day .. and night!

We know that pieces like our Hand Smocked Peeps Girl’s Bishop Dress can be seasonal and short lived so we love that our new line is versatile, comfortable, and can be worn any day of the year! These pieces are 100% cotton and can each be monogrammed. Each style comes in different colors and has a matching counterpart for brother-sister outfits!


Although these pieces are comfy enough for nap time we have special night time knits as well! Just picture how cute and cuddly your little one will be after bath time in a custom This and That for Kids PJ! Our striped loungewear is made from a soft 95% Cotton & 5% Spandex blend. Customize it by monogramming a name or initial(s) on it.

K11Initial K12Initial

We are also OBSESSED with our new bloomer sets!


This red, white and blue bloomer set is so comfortable and fresh for any spring or summer day. Available in several color options as well and don’t forget to add a matching hair bow to these styles to really top off the look. The fabric content is 100% cotton.






We hope that you all are as excited about our new knits as we are! Make sure to comment below or reach out via social media if you have any comments or suggestions for future collections!



This and That for Kids!